• The Attic (map)
  • 318 Queen Street West
  • Toronto, ON, M5V 2A2
  • Canada

This class is cutting edge. Why? Because it will be facilitated from the teachers’ soul to have you connect deeper to your own soul.

We will utilize various forms or meditation, visualization and healing to begin to teach you what your soul wants to express. Your soul does not live in the mind so we will have to teach you how to feel and further to that how to interpret what you feel from such a deeper place of truth within your own body.

How do you connect in?

How do you keep it light?

How do you honour the dark?

The way each person needs to find a way into their true selves is completely unique and that individuality will be celebrated so that everyone walks away knowing that what they felt/heard was exactly meant for them.

Let yourselves find your edge with spirit and truly see what we as human beings are made of. Please register to save your spot.