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Have you ever stopped yourself from ordering dessert? Even though you craved that moist chocolate cake.

Had to choose salad over a yummy bowl of spaghetti? Because beach season is approaching.

Or started a keto/vegetarian/ paleo diet? Because you heard it will help you lose weight.

If you answered yes to any of these. This event is for you.

Lindsey Bethke is a Fitness Nutritionist. Sara Moncrieff is a Healer and Meditation Teacher. They've joined forces to create a workshop to help you breakthrough your fear of food.

This intensive 3-hour workshop will:
• Debunk myths around food negativity. (For good!)
• Identify your fears around food
• Uncover where your fears come from.
• Release your fears using healing and meditation and help reclaim your power.

Why do we consciously choose our food choices? What are our unconscious reasons? Join us. And find out. Please register to save your spot.