Meditation allows you to quiet the patterning of the mind so that you can reconnect with your soul. This two-day meditation workshop will help you deepen your personal meditation practice so that you can learn how to guide others through theirs. Explore the intricacies of facilitating this evolving practice by heightening and utilizing your intuition to hold space from the seat of your authentic-self. Through breathing, energy work, visualization and meditation you’ll learn to surrender control and release fear so that you can readily tap into the meditative flow of love to support yourself and others.

The training will include:

  • 8 class hours
  • Certificate of completion
  • 1-hour private mentoring session

The training will take place at Framewrk studio on April 28th from 1-6 and 29th from 1-4. The training is limited to 10 people. Please register to save your spot.