• The Hustle (map)
  • 318 Queen Street West
  • Toronto, ON
  • Canada

This lesson is the launch of the Lesson in Love: Podcast. It is going to be facilitated by Sara Moncrieff. It is going to be the most interactive session yet in celebration of the lpodcast aunch. Come ready to SHARE YOUR HEART!

Each heart has a story to share. We all have our own lessons that show up in the domain of love. Each layer of love has a specific style, impact and important message attached. Come experience, listen and learn about what you may have have not connected to within your own lessons of love. We actually do need to love ourselves and one another and all that exists around us. Let love prevail. Let love give light. Let love create. Let love expand. Let love learn. Let love be. Let yourself sink into more love.

This is a free event, so feel free to bring your friends. Please rsvp here.

Lessons in Love is a series created by Sara Moncrieff and Nicole Breanne Hudson.