Love is such an intuitively understood concept. Every poem, song, book or artistic expression revolves around love. Yet when it comes to applying it within our lives, I have discovered that people often lack a complete understanding of it. Wherever I encounter a hole within the whole, I can trace it back to a lack of self-love. That has sent me on a mission to figure out what love is and how people define it.

Through Lessons in Love, I invite you to join me in self-inquiry. My goal is to help you shift your perspective on love. We all have our own lessons that show up in the domain of love. Each layer of love has a specific style, impact and important message attached. Come experience, listen and learn about what you may not have connected to within your own lessons of love from a variety of inspiring individuals in our community.

This week’s lesson will be shared by Ria Ray, Artist and Spiritual Teacher. Please visit iTunes to listen and join us on a collective journey into love.