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Each heart has a story to share. We all have our own lessons that show up in the domain of love. Each layer of love has a specific style, impact and important message attached. Come experience, listen and learn about what you may have have not connected to within your own lessons of love. We actually do need to love ourselves and one another and all that exists around us. Let love prevail. Let love give light. Let love create. Let love expand. Let love learn. Let love be. Let yourself sink into more love.

The first of this series is going to be a combination of of two lessons. Brought to you by Sara Moncrieff; Healer, meditation teacher and entrepreneur and Nicole Breanne Hudson; speaker and educator and founder of Kind is Strong.

From a young age, Sara realized that she could feel other peoples’ emotions. When people asked her who she wanted to be when she grew up, she said: “to love and be loved”. She knew those were the two most important things in life but didn’t fully understand what that meant. Sara’s dedication to discovering that truth has taught her how the power of love, both giving and receiving, helps liberate you from the places that you’re stuck, blocked or limited so that you can learn to love the parts of yourself that you never knew where there or thought you could love. Learn how to be fearless through a life of less-fear. It’s time to allow your courage to grow so that you can love yourself in the midst of life’s chaos.

For Nicole, love is kindness, compassion and grace. And not just the kindness one outwardly gives to others, but especially the kindness given to oneself. Going through the most painful time in her life, the greatest lesson Nicole learned is that there is no right way to love yourself. The most important thing is to be gentle with yourself and make decisions that feel good for you. After a 10 year relationship (5 of which were a marriage) ended in a lengthy affair, Nicole had to relearn what love was. Spending her entire formative twenties in an emotional, co-dependent relationship had altered her idea of what love, and self-love mean. To make matters worse, her decision to be kind and love her ex through it all surprised many of her loved ones, some of whom couldn't stand by her. Listen to Nicole share her story on how she now sees the world and love through a more kind and empathetic lens.

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