• 889 Yoga (map)
  • 889 Yonge Street
  • Toronto, ON, M4W 2H2
  • Canada

6:15-7:15pm In 889 Meditation Classes, our teachers explore a variety of techniques to calm down the central nervous system and create space for peace in your life. We welcome students of all levels to our meditation classes. No experience is required to meditate with us for your first time. By attending meditation classes at 889, you will begin to feel less “reactive” in your life and feel empowered and equipped to find joy in your day to day life and in your relationships. Most of the class will take place seated but rest assured there will be time to move around and stretch your body out. The meditation props used in our classes promise to support you in comfortable positions so you can focus on the meditation. 

7:15-8:15pm Vinyasa Yoga is a yoga practice that coordinates the movements of each asana, or pose, into a flow sequence by linking movement with breath. In Vinyasa Flow 1, you will practice movement with breath, deepening your practice and activating your strength and flexibility. Vinyasa Flow 1 is best suited to students who have practiced yoga before and is considered a form of movement meditation. The postures of Vinyasa are balancing for the nervous system, which allows the body to be less reactive to stress, resulting in a more centered and relaxed state of mind. As we build our energy and body awareness, this class will leave you feeling empowered, grounded and energized.