Sara chats with Tara about what love is to her (00:42), her greatest lesson in love (1:15), choosing love (2:00), trusting yourself (3:26), the most fascinating part of her spiritual journey to date (4:30), the most challenging part she’s faced (5:58), what’s next for Tara (7:40), her favourite thing to teach (09:14), balancing taking with receiving (10:10), how Tara practices receiving (11:30), one thing she wants people to know about her and her practice (12:50), being ‘seen’ (14:25), how Tara embodies information (16:04), guiding people through the unknown (17:22), the legacy she wants to leave behind (18:30), describing the major shift we’re experiencing as a planet and society (19:45), Tara’s message to anyone that’s hopeless (24:00). You can find Tara on Instagram @tarag123 and at