Sara chats with Lindsey about her greatest lesson in love (00:42), the thing she finds the most challenging to love about herself (01:54), what it feels like to to love your soul (03:38), the coolest thing she’s ever been able to manifest (05:14), how manifestation shows up for her (08:25), what is intuitive nutrition/eating (10:54), the biggest difference she found with intuitive eating (12:20), the reactions and feedback she gets from clients switching to intuitive eating (14:23), Lindsey’s weightloss journey (17:38), what she isn’t sharing on her social media (24:27), the clichéd-ness of self-love and trusting the universe (27:35), what love is to Lindsey (32:12), the legacy she's leaving behind (33:15). You can find Lindsey at @lindseykee on Instagram.