We reversed roles for the season finale! Nicole Breanne, the Co-Creator of Lessons in Love sits down with Sara to talk about her own lessons in love. The two discuss what love is to Sara (00:45), her greatest lesson (2:48), parental love (8:48), her earliest memory of when she realized her deeper understanding in love (10:28), where her greatest work lies internally (12:40), guilt (15:58), how we can show up for Sara in terms of accountability (17:19), her greatest challenge in leading with love (18:57), self-care (20:00), what Sara loves about herself (22:14), something not many people know about Sara (25:00), what’s Sara’s legacy? (25:30). Thank you for listening to season one of Lessons in Love. We’d like to know what you want to hear in season two. Contact @sara_moncrieff on Instagram and as always please don’t forget to rate and subscribe!