Sara speaks with Lessons in Love Producer, Marcus van Herk, he addresses the confusion surrounding his name preference (1:20), on what being a “Glue Guy” means and how he became a leader (3:13), what is love to him (4:58), what it means to be a hopeless romantic (5:55), trying to fill a void through dating apps (7:40), how he’s found clarity & returned to being a hopeless romantic (10:14), some of the challenges that make it hard to find love (12:30), Marcus explains why confrontation and disagreements are an important gauge in his relationships (15:13), Marcus talks about his podcast ‘Am I Doing This Right?’ and how it originated (17:00), his favourite episode (23:30), how people can figure out if they’re doing something right (25:20), the legacy he wants to leave behind (28:50), you can follow Marcus on instagram @mdvanherk twitter @vanherk