One of the most intriguing questions I have asked myself over the years is where exactly do you fall when you fall in love? Over the last 365 especially as i dive deeper into the world of healing and particularly with my training and teaching with Ria Ray. I have begun to integrate all of the experiences to find a way to try to explain. I want to start by giving my input on why it is usually associated with another person. It has become clear that our closest or most intimate relationships reflect a lot of our greatest lessons. So just like these relationships can show you where growth is necessary, they can also bring about the lesson you need to be able to open your heart more. Being able to trust and be vulnerable enough to see the world through a different lens. When you fall in love I believe you fall backwards into expansion and trust that you are exactly where you need to be. When we shut down that expansive feeling it makes it very easy to give in to the flow of life and that is when we tend to default into hopelessness. So when you find an opportunity to fall in love take it! Let it spread into your life! Warning: Do not allocate the love to any one person other then yourself...make yourself the source of love not any one or any experience.