The moon cycle is quite auspicious. It moves the tides of our bodies of water and also as we are 80% water it obviously affects us. All moons tend to bring about a lot of energy, they can signal chaotic times. They also represent a cycle completing itself. This specific full moon happens to mean a lot to me. It is a full moon in Gemini (my rising sign) ((if you have no idea what that means click here to learn more)) and it happens to be at the same time as my sun sign Sagittarius. Why any of this matters is because of what this moon represents. It highlights relationships in your life. Specifically calling for interdependent relationships rather than codependent relationships. These relationships teach you to keep an open heart while dealing with the complications of working with other human beings. So give yourself permission to learn while you love. Do not be afraid of getting it wrong...only be afraid of not talking about getting it wrong.