Testimonial 1

“Sara is a prayer answered and a shining light. She is a gifted healer and teacher who uses her intuition, her God-given gift of healing compassionately and sensitively, along her with funny, kind and loving nature. Sara is able to see and feel through energetic forces and guide you through messages she receives from the universe for you. She sees YOU and loves YOU unconditionally and her main goal is to have you see yourself and love yourself unconditionally just the same way. Her knowledge runs so deep in money and finances, energy, spirituality, and healing. In working with Sara I came out of the darkness into the light, I found myself and my voice again, I learned to love, appreciate and acknowledge myself and my gifts and she taught me how to use them. Sara changed my life and I am forever thankful that we were brought together. She is the most magical, special and incredible soul I have ever met and anyone who steps in her path and has the honor to walk with her is truly privileged and blessed. The truth is, I searched my entire life for someone like her because I knew meeting her would allow me to see myself and step into my light. Thank you Sara for giving me the biggest gift anyone could give me...the gift of learning to love myself.”

Testimonial 2

“I simply cannot imagine my life without Sara and her healing magic. It is through working with Sara that I was able to embrace myself fully, love myself unconditional and celebrate my unique gifts. Her guidance is rooted in love, compassion and empathy. She is capable of dealing with big issues in a manner that is accessible, approachable, and best suited to you and your evolving needs. She opened me up to the serendipity, and synchronicity of life. Sara has been one of the most profound catalyst in allowing me to tap into my most authentic self and to live in my truth wholeheartedly. I love Sara so much and I am forever grateful for her.”